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7 ways to write the perfect email subject line

Hey there! So, it’s been a minute right? Well I’m back InshAllah! I’ve had some hiccups in my life and my business but isn’t that what it’s all about? We just need to keep plowing through until we reach our goals…and then make new goals because we’ve reached our old ones. So, today, I wanted to share some of my email marketing expertise with you and help you write the perfect subject line for every single marketing email you send out so that you can increase your open rates (email open rates) and grow your audience!

So, let’s get right into this!

There are a TON of different aspects to email marketing but one of the most important ones is your subject line. Why? Well, because it’s literally the first thing the reciever sees and then determines whether or not they even want to open your email or not. How will you get your message across when the receiver doesn’t even bother to open your email?

Please note: All examples are taken from my own personal email inbox and are REAL EMAILS that have been sent to me by different businesses/people.

1. Let’s get short!

You don’t want your email subject line to be too long. On an Iphone, you get 57 characters that show up in an email subject line that are actually visible in your inbox screen (yes, I actually counted the characters in the longer subject lines in my own email box and I counted 57 (this includes spaces)). So in order to perfectly optimize your subject lines in order for your reader to actually be able to READ your brilliantly crafted subject line, the general rule is to keep your character count between 30-50 characters.

2. Don’t be an ad!

Don’t spam your readers. Most people nowadays are well-aware that you’re getting them to sign up to your email list because you want to warm them up for a sale. When you sign up to a free email course, the sender is usually warming you up to get you to eventually buy their course from them. When you sign up for a free book or checklist, the sender is usually warming you up to buy another product from them. It doesn’t usually need to be said in the subject line. If you are sending them an email to get them to buy something; a way around using “buy now” is “Sale ending” or “Sale: (Product name)
Here is one example from Amber Chalus (She creates book templates of all kinds for you to edit and make your own and possibly even sell if you want to):
**Our New Years Sale is LIVE**
REMINDER – The Ultimate Course Template Sale Ends Soon!

If you’ll notice, she doesn’t use the word “Buy” in any of her emails. The point of the email is obviously to buy, however, she instead, uses the word “Sale”.

Let’s do an experiment. I want you to go into your inbox “search bar” and type in the word “buy”. How many emails come up? Are there any that actually use that word in the actual subject line? Let me know in the comments section below. I can almost guarantee there will not be many…if any at all.

3. Use Emojis

Yes, I said USE EMOJIS. Gone are the days that it would be unprofessional to use them in your emails and dare I say, your subject lines. Many business owners are coming around as using emojis in your subject lines actually makes them stand out among the sea of emails you get in your inbox on a regular basis.

I want you to go into your own inbox again. If you’re not signed up to anyone who uses emojis in their email subject lines, do any of them really stand out or pop out at you as you scroll? Everything begins to look like an ocean of letters. When a small little picture pops up, it definitely stands out in that ocean.

Some examples of people who use emojis are Amber Chalus, Ali Abdaal (Yes, I’m obsessed…), Moriah Riona, Elna Cain (Twins Mommy)

Here are some of their email subject line examples:

📔The Unexpected Magic of Bullet Journaling – Ali Abdaal

📣ATTENTION: Introverted Entrepreneurs📣 – Moriah Riona

🤯You gotta see this Jasper Art (AI Art)…🤯 – Elna Cain

I wouldn’t miss this. 🤞 – Amber Chalus

Now these people don’t use emojis for EVERY email that they send but the occasional subject line emoji brings a fun touch to your reader’s inbox which, in turn, encourages them to read your email.

4. Ask Questions

When you ask a question, people are more likely to open your email just to find the answer within your message so asking open ended questions really helps.

An example subject line would be:

What can you use Focusmate for? – Taylor Jacobson (Focusmate)

Rameesa, looking for a new job? – LinkedIn

Let’s start at the top: What is SEO? {Free Tutorial} – Tommy Griffith (Clickminded)

All these emails entice me to open them up to find out more about what they’ve gotta say.

5. Be Personal

Did you know that open rates increase up to 14% when you use the receiver’s name in the subject line? But just a word of caution, make sure that it is natural. Also, don’t do it for EVERY SINGLE email, especially if it sounds robotic. To help with this, read the line out loud and see if it sounds normal. If it sounds normal, then it’s a green light. If not, then stop, take the name out and send without the personalization.

Other ways to make your subject line personal that don’t just include using their names is talking like you’re talking to a friend, using casual language.

Here are some examples:

The features you’ve been waiting for – Honeybook

Crazy Invitation. I am going to buy you lunch! – James Malinchak

6. Use Humour

I want to ask you something. If a subject line made you giggle, would you skip over it? Or would you want to find out more about what it contained? If the SUBJECT could give you a chuckle, then imagine what the email itself could do.

Here are a couple of examples:

Licking your phone never tasted so good! – OpenTable

Deals that make us proud (Unlike our nephew, Steve) – Groupon

7. Use Pain points to your advantage

If you know who you’re marketing your product or service to, then you should know their pain points and have a solution for them. The way to conquer this is to do it strategically. Ask a question that relates to said pain-point in the subject line but ask it in a way that will pique the reader’s interest. And of course provide the solution within your email.

Here are some examples:

Feed your guests without breaking the bank – Pizza Hut

Get more kitchen space with these easy fixes – IKEAng to buy you lunch! – James Malinchak

So that is the jist of creating the perfect email subject line to encourage email interaction every single time. I’ve given you the guidance on how to get someone to OPEN your email, the rest is up to you to create the perfect copy to not only engage but also hook your audience onto you and your message!

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