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Content Pillars, what are they and why do you NEED them?

What are content pillars?

If you’ve heard of content pillars but have no idea what they are, then you’ve come to the right place!

If you’ve got an online presence or business then one of the first things you need to be thinking about are…yup! You guessed it, your content pillars. You’re probably asking yourself right now “this crazy girl keeps saying ‘content pillars, content pillars but hasn’t told me what they actually are yet! GET TO THE POINT ALREADY!’ Fine fine.

So, content pillars are 3-5 different topics that a brand consistently goes back to when creating their content. They usually have 3-5 very broad topics and then they niche down in order to find topics to post about.

What’s the point of having these pillars? Well, when someone comes to visit your site/social media account, they know exactly what to expect.

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Today I was actually part of a training with Raniah Askar (you can find her here). She explained this perfectly in her training and I couldn’t think of a better way to explain it. She said, that content pillars or, your pillars, are what you want to be known for as an expert.

I’ll use my own example. This past week, I completed a certification for Email marketing. So, looking at that, as well as this website, I’d like to be known for my knowledge for working from home, starting your own business but I’d also like to be known more specifically as the go-to girl for all your email marketing needs. I want to be known as an expert in this field so I will be creating more content around these types of topics regarding not only working from home, but how to craft great emails that you could send out to your subscribers.

I know this is a short post, but I really felt it necessary to write about this as I’ve seen sooo many people asking questions about this in different groups that I am a part of.

So, to summarize;

Content pillars are 3-5 different topics (different but still related to one another in some way) that you would like to showcase in your work when creating content. These topics are what you would like to be known as an expert in.

How do you do this? Well, I found a really great article about it here by Liz Alton. (I could write it out and then just credit the author but I don’t feel right about copying someone else’s work.). Basically, in the article, they are talking about what questions to ask yourself when trying to figure out what your content should be. From there, look at what your audience actually needs. A perfect way to do this is through a Venn diagram like the one below.

Content Pillars Venn Diagram
Content pillars ©Rameesa Faisal

I hope this article helped you get clear about what content pillars are and how to figure them out for your own personal and/or business needs.

If I was able to help you in any way, shape or form, or if you have any additional suggestions, please leave them in the comments below letting me and everyone else know your thoughts!.

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