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How to get clients through social media…FOR FREE (Part 1: Your profile)

So, I see this question…surprisingly A LOT when I’m through browsing social media. The masses are asking how to get clients when they’re working from home. There’s very specific steps to doing this but it’s not easy and it’s not a quick strategy. It takes a lot of time and effort to do and to do successfully. I’ll split this up into a couple of parts just to make it easier to read. This will be mainly regarding Facebook.

Optimise your profiles

This is a big one. Whether it be for Facebook, IG, LinkedIn (or any other social network for that matter), you need to optimize your profiles.
What does that even mean? When you’ve got your own business, it means letting your audience (whoever comes to visit your site/profile)know who you are and what your business is.

Your Profile Photo

First thing’s first. Your profile photo. It should be a clear (and friendly) photo of your face. However, you can also post a photo of something to do with your business. In my case, I’ve got a photo of my logo — Not usually recommended however I’m not particularly comfortable with posting photos of myself online unless absolutely necessary. Even without my photo online, I do still show up online and do Facebook lives, I haven’t had much trouble getting clients. So, if you’re like me and don’t feel comfortable showing your face online, make sure to get on live so people know you’re not some random creep sitting in their mom’s basement just trying to get random people on the internet’s personal information.

Your Intro Section

Next is your intro section — this is for Facebook and LinkedIn. Your intro should say who you help and what you do. So a statement like “I help busy mompreneurs manage their social media accounts so that they have more free time to manage other more important areas of their businesses is a really good example of telling people who you help and what you do. Now, obviously you can get creative but always remember, when you want to get clients, don’t talk about yourself, TELL your potential client what you can do for THEM.

Your Bio/Intro Section

Alright, we’ve got your profile picture and your intro down, what’s next? Now we need to get your bio/intro section set up. What is your bio/intro section? It’s where all your links and info go like your city, marital status, etc. This is a glimpse into you and your chance to shine so make it count. Post your business links letting your potential client know where you are. You can post all your social links here as well as your website, portfolio page, etc…

So, you’ve optimised your profile, what do you do next? Post about your business of course! (For Facebook) create a Facebook page for your business where people can go and check out your services, reviews, special offers you may be having, etc… Create a group where potential clients can come and get value from you and learn about what you do without the pressure of selling yourself. A mentor of mine, Sara Amira Saleh, has done this. She is a Facebook expert and she’s taught me a lot of what I know today.

What she’s done is optimised her profile and then in addition, she’s created her own Facebook group where she offers help to other aspiring business women whether it be exposure, advice, or just a bond of sisterhood and she not only offers free value through her group but also allows other women to go live in order to grow their own businesses. By doing this, she shows the world who she is, she shows the world that she can be trusted and therefore, doesn’t need to work very hard for clients.

Speaking of being trusted, I’ll stop this post here and tell you about this aspect of getting clients in my next post!

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