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How to ACTUALLY get people onto your email list (for free)

Aoa and hello again!

It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? I haven’t posted in awhile but I promise I haven’t stopped or given up. I’ve actually been doing a lot behind the scenes. One of the things I’ve been up to has been starting to build up my shop, right here on my website. My plans for it are huge. I’ll be creating templates for you, lessons, tutorials, planners, journals and basically whatever I can think of (or you recommend) that will help you build your own online empire right from the comfort of your own home. In fact, I’ve already started building up and there’s MUCH more to come so go check it out, right here!

So speaking of building your empire, let’s get to today’s post. How do you build up your email list? Well, let’s start off with what an email list even is.

An email list is when you offer your audience a lead magnet (or a freebie) in exchange for your email address. Once you have their email, it gets added onto a list called your email list.

Let me give you a practical example. You know how, when you visited my website (or most websites on the internet) and they ask you for your email in order to subscribe to their newsletter (or in exchange for, say, a free calendar or some other free digital product). By doing that, they (and I) am wanting to get you onto my email list. Why you ask? What’s the point? Well, there are several reasons.

First off, your email list is YOURS. If you know me personally or have been to my website before, you know how much I stress this. Your email list is YOURS to keep forever. The ONLY time that you can lose contact with your subscribers is if they unsubscribe from you otherwise, it doesn’t matter if your social media gets shut down for whatever reason, it doesn’t even matter if your website gets shut down, it doesn’t even matter if you don’t like your email service provider and want to switch. All you literally have to do is download your email list and then upload it onto your new email marketing platform and boom! You’re ready to go! So believe me when I say having an email list is the simplest, yet, one of the most important aspects to have in your business!

So now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get right down to it. By the way, before we actually get into it, I want to let you know that I’ve created a FREE ebook JUST for you listing out a ton more ways of growing your email list. You can get that book by signing up down below!

Keep in mind, this is the promotion phase of your email list building strategy. This is after you’ve created your freebie/lead magnet and now you’re wanting to put it out into the world in exchange for emails.

1. Have a popup!

This is probably one of the more obvious ones and one of the ones you’re most familiar with. Create a freebie (or lead magnet) and then add a popup onto your website where people sign up in exchange for your item. You see these on 99% of the websites and blogs you visit, whether it be a business or individual. If they’ve got their email marketing set up then they’ve got a popup on their site for you to enter in your email.

2. Answer questions that relate to your freebie

You can go onto a site like quora or reddit and answer questions. After answering questions, add your freebie link at the end for people to sign up (preferably a landing page)

3. Ask for feedback

You can create an online quiz or form through a simple a form as google forms asking for feedback about products or services your audience wants to see and/or use and in the form, ask for the emails.

4. Submit Guest posts

To expose yourself to an entirely new type of audience, submit your work onto someone else’s blog who relates to your topic but doesn’t impede on their territory but instead, compliments it. At the end of your post, include your own info (including the link to your freebie).

5. Set up a cross promo campaign

This kind of ties in with my last point but this time, you’re doing for them and they’re doing for you. You’re promoting their work on your social/website and they’re promoting you on theirs. At the end of your posts, include your info.

6. Comment on blog posts

Comment on other people’s blog posts and where it asks for your website, enter in the link to your freebie

If you’re interested in learning even more ways to grow your list, and not just grow your list but also a list of over 30 potential lead magnets/freebies that you can create, then sign up below to get a FREE copy of my ebook, ‘how to grow your email list!’

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I hope that this has helped you to at least start figuring out your email marketing strategy. If you need help with that, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can book a call here!

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