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Mistakes you’re making in your email marketing!

Before we get started, let me hit you with a couple of email marketing stats:

  • In 2022, approx. 4.3BILLION email users and is expected to continue to grow up to 4.6 BILLION by 2025
  • 333.2 BILLION emails are sent and received every single day with brands getting an impressive ROI of about $42 return for every $1 spent
  • Buyers spend 138% more when marketed to through email

Source: here

Email marketing has stood the test of time while social media channels have come and gone and changed according to the newest trends. The first ever marketing email was blasted out in 1978 by a man named Gary Thuerk who was looking to sell his company’s computers. He sent out 400 emails and they resulted in $13,000,000 (13 MILLION DOLLARS) in sales.

Social media on the other hand has come and gone. was one of the first social media channels around. Have you heard of it? Me neither. Other channels include (but aren’t limited to) Talkomatic, PLATO Notes,, AOL Messenger, ICQ, Livejournal, friendster, Myspace and many more.

However, email marketing, as with any online marketing, requires strategy and skill. If your email marketing isn’t working the way you want them to, then here are some of the mistakes you could be making and how to fix them:

Mistakes you might be making to make your email marketing less effective:

Your subject lines aren’t personalised

Do you want to open emails that aren’t specifically meant for you? (Or at least feel like they are?) Neither does your audience/reader. You can use emojis, the person’s name or refer back to something the person received from you before (when writing re-engagement emails) but just make your emails personal so that it gets the chance to be opened

Not mobile friendly

Your emails can’t be read on phones. Nowadays, according to, almost 1.7 BILLION users open their emails on their phones as a pose to 0.9 billion who open their emails on their desktops so having emails that are mobile friendly is INCREDIBLY advantageous for you and your business if you want them to be read. To ensure that your emails are both desktop AND mobile friendly, make sure to use the mobile and desktop views in your Email marketing softwares.

Know your audience

Who are you sending to? No, I don’t mean WHO are you sending to as in the person (though that is incredibly beneficial for you); I mean, know the email client that you’re sending to. For example, Hotmail doesn’t allow automatic photo downloads straight from the internet so if you’re sending images in your emails, make sure you’re not writing the message you want people to know about in those images because they won’t show up to hotmail customers. So when you’re sending emails out, make sure you check the email servers that they’re being sent out to and follow those email server specific guidelines to ensure that your emails are actually being sent.

Being legally compliant

Just as anything else in this world, emails also need consent in order to be sent. If you’re buying email lists or collecting emails without letting the receiver know WHY you’re collecting their email, then you can be sure that you’re not using your list legally. You’ll either be marked as spam and eventually stop reaching inboxes (get sent directly to junk mail) OR get reported and fined a hefty amount for emailling people without their permission.

Create professional looking emails

This doesn’t mean that you need to have a million professional images plastered all over your email but at least have a few key parts to your emails that shows that you are a business. Some of these components include:

  • Your logo (so people always know right off the bat who is writing to them (and also begin to recognize your brand whenever they get something from you)
  • Your address (or at least some indication of your location whether it just be your city and country or your full business address so that people know where their emails are coming from — builds up a trust factor)
  • Unsubscribe link (this is mandatory so that people who don’t want to get your emails can unsubscribe — also saves you from going straight to spam box)

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